WOOX Brings Its Craft Quality Outdoor Products to GoWild’s Ecommerce Platform

WOOX Brings Its Craft Quality Outdoor Products to GoWild’s Ecommerce Platform
March 13, 2020

WOOX Brings Its Craft Quality Outdoor Products to GoWild’s Ecommerce Platform 

WOOX has an axe to grind: The outdoor gear company is out to prove outdoor gear can be both beautifully crafted and functional. As it seeks to expand its reach for the WOOX collection of quality bushcraft cutlery, precision chassis’, stocks and outdoor accessories, it is partnering with the rapidly expanding outdoor ecommerce and social platform, GoWild.

“WOOX was founded on a passion for perfection,” said WOOX Director, Danilo Minelli. “We love nothing more than creating aesthetically pleasing, practical and sustainable products that will last not only for the job today, but for the task of the next generation. These are products that will stand the test of time, and become family heirlooms.”

Most outdoor products don't represent the modern outdoor enthusiast, so we've created a line of high-performance products that represent their high standards for craftsmanship, innovation, and respect for nature.

With a focus on heirloom-level quality, Minelli and his team see the value in reaching a community of passionate precision shooters, hunters and conservationists. Minelli chose to partner with GoWild™ due to the company’s rapidly expanding and active audience.

“We didn’t just build a social platform and tack on ecommerce to make a buck,” said Brad Luttrell, the Cofounder, CEO of GoWild. “We designed our platform to facilitate great discussion and research. GoWild helps our passionate audience’s pursuit for the perfect piece of equipment. And we take a lot of pride in the product’s ability to showcase long tenured brands, and young family built brands like WOOX.

WOOX’s products will be added to the GoWild network of more than 750,000 SKUs, allowing GoWild members to not only explore and review products, but share their experience with WOOX’s line of axes, knives, stocks and more with the community.

“This is a really unique blend of social media and commerce,” Minelli said. “When you see the passion and engagement within this platform, it’s a no brainer. We look forward to being a part of the conversation and building our brand within this community.”

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