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Essay Winner: Outdoor Access Turkey Hunt Sweepstakes

April 5, 2019

Outdoor Access Sweepstakes 2019

Essay Winner of the Outdoor Access Sweepstakes with GoWild
to Promote Hunting Mentorship

We asked entrants to write an essay on why they want their child to be a lifelong hunter. After many amazing entries, the community voted and we are excited to announce our winner, Chris Washko. He and his daughter, Addie, will be going on a turkey hunt this spring on an Outdoor Access property guided by Raise 'Em Outdoors.  

Outdoor Access


The Winning Essay 
by Chris Washko 







I want my daughter to be a lifelong hunter because I know hunting is so much more than the “In the moment” kill. It is the time spent in the outdoors together preparing for that moment. The dinners we will have together enjoying the harvest...the real reason for the hunt. The memories each and every one of those moments makes is priceless. I want my child to inherit the love and passion I have for the outdoors, so they can pass down that same passion. Children will never remember their best day of video games, but I can recall each special moment afield with my dad. I also know all too well hunter numbers are dwindling and it is our duty to reignite that passion with the younger generation.

Conservation is all too important in sustaining hunting lands and sustaining hunting in general. I will never quit being a hunter. I will never apologize for being a hunter. And I will teach my daughter to be proud of our heritage. We are proud to be hunters!

Outdoor Access is dedicated to helping more hunters and anglers take to the woods or water this year. This is just the first of a series of efforts with GoWild™ to get more people enjoying the great outdoors. Stay tuned by downloading GoWild today.

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