Waterfowl Giveaway for Some Lucky Duck!

Waterfowl Giveaway for Some Lucky Duck!
October 13, 2019

$330 Worth of Waterfowl Gear + a $50 Gift Card

Get your duck hunting mojo back, you lucky duck! Actually, a MOJO and Lucky Duck is exactly what we have this week. This Giveaway is sponsored by Team GoWild, and we're excited to help someone get prepped for their season.

Entering could not be easier. Just share the app using your Rewards Link, and you will get entries for a chance to win as your friends sign up. Details about how to do that are below.

What's Included
Lucky Duck Lucky HD Motorized Mallard Decoy with Remote
The spinning wing action and vibrant high-definition color scheme keep ducks flying low and in your face while a rechargeable 6V battery powers this duck decoy all hunt long. The included HD remote control makes it easy for you to activate the decoy's mesmerizing motion wings while hidden.

MOJO Outdoors Baby MOJO Motorized Duck Decoy - Drake
Offering duck hunters all of the effectiveness of the MOJO Mallard decoy in a smaller package, this decoy offers the same lifelike motion of a landing or lofting duck to draw in cagey greenheads. A great choice for late season use in front of decoy-weary ducks, the Baby MOJO combines vibrant colors, fantastic texture, and an iridescent head for a truly realistic look.

Lucky Duck Lucky Splasher HD Motorized Duck Decoy with Remote
A great way to add critical movement and motion to your spread on calm days, the Lucky Duck Lucky Splasher HD Motorized Duck Decoy with Remote mimics live ducks on the water. Combining the lifelike motion of a splashing water decoy with the flash of spinning wings, this decoy grabs ducks' attention and brings them in.

$50 Gift Card
Use at Cabela's or Bass Pro.

How to Enter for a Chance to Win
For every person you get to download and use GoWild™ this week, you'll get one entry to this Giveaway. Use your GoWild Rewards link on your profile to share the app and get credit for your entries.

How to Share

  • Got to your profile and tap "Share Profile"
  • Tap "Get Started Now" and choose how you would like to share your link
  • Send to your friends the link with a compelling message like, "Hey, I know you love the outdoors as much as I do. I think you'd like this app. Join me!"
  • The more you share, the more chances you get to win!

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