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  • VIDEO: How to Remove the Hidden Tenderloin from a Deer Leg
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VIDEO: How to Remove the Hidden Tenderloin from a Deer Leg

VIDEO: How to Remove the Hidden Tenderloin from a Deer Leg
November 1, 2020

From Field to Plate's wild game chef, Jeremiah Doughty, shows us how to remove the hidden tenderloin (aka eye of the round) on a deer leg when butchering a deer. Check out the video above for the full details.

We also highlighted some detailed cuts from Jeremiah below. This butchering process will send you down the right path to making the perfect venison tenderloin recipe!

How to Remove the Hidden Tenderloin/Eye of the Round 

Jeremiah: "We are going to remove the hidden tenderloin, you also hear guys call this 'the eye of the round' as well."


Venison Tenderloin

Jeremiah: "I've left the hip bone in here. So it's [the tenderloin] going to be attached to this little H-Bone right here."


Break down a deer leg

Jeremiah: "So you're just going to come right inside that bone and then roll this piece off."


Eye of the Round Deer Sinew

Jeremiah: "This piece when you flip it over you can see where it's coming in to. So you're just going to break that sinew apart."


How-To Remove Hidden Tenderloin Deer

Jeremiah: "And then you'll be able to remove that steak completely."

"The reason I call it the hidden tenderloin is because if you look right there it looks just like that tenderloin you find just inside the lower gut cavity."



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