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  • Tis the Season: The Hunting Trip Gear Check List

Tis the Season: The Hunting Trip Gear Check List

Tis the Season: The Hunting Trip Gear Check List
November 4, 2017

John Hunter hunting in Colorado

Author: John Hunter, Chief Strategy Officer

I may be known as a bass fisherman, but my true passion lies in the woods. When fall rolls around and the cooler temperatures arrive, how can one not get the itch? I have spent all year chasing fish all around the country, and now its time to relax and chase the most magnificent species on earth—the whitetail.

Whitetail hunting can be a game of cat and mouse, as those big mature deer have grown accustomed to deer hunters and all their vulnerabilities. Which is why preparedness is so important when it comes to hunting. On our farm back home, Big Kahuna Farms, we hunt a vast piece of property in the hills of Eastern Kentucky totaling nearly 5,000 acres. Showing up to camp unprepared can make for a very unpleasant or even dangerous experience. This has led us to making a checklist for ourselves and all of our friends, family and guests who join us.

John with a recent buck

John's gear list has helped him put some big bucks down. 

As old school and lame as it may sound, the checklist has been a savior to myself numerous times. I want to share this particular checklist we have been using that has led to numerous quality harvests at Big Kahuna Farms. Regardless of where you hunt I think this list could be a very important step to take before you venture into the woods this fall.

The Hunt Checklist

About the author: John Hunter is GoWild's Chief Strategy Officer and a Bassmaster Elite Series Pro. You can see more from John on the GoWild™ app, as well as his Instagram

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