Things to Do Outside

March 25, 2020

Ideas for Outdoor Activities:

  • Go hiking. Find a new trail near your house. Your state and city parks offer tons of options you may have never tried. GoWild™ is compiling a list of state parks information here. To keep kids engaged, try creating a scavenger hunt of things they may see: blooming flowers, squirrels, red birds, blue birds, water, etc. 
  • Explore local creeks. This is a great activity for children, and is a great opportunity to teach kids how ecosystems work. See if you can spot any crayfish, minnows or other wildlife. 
  • Walk or run in your neighborhood! Even some of the busiest streets in the country are empty and are providing fresh air. If you can, we highly recommend trails for this activity—it will change how you exercise. 
  • Birding. An incredible amount (seriously, millions) of people find joy outdoors in watching birds. This is a great activity to start now. Learn more here.
  • Nature photography. Why not try your hand at taking some photos of spring in full bloom? You don’t need a fancy phone—most smartphones are incredible cameras. 
  • Foraging. Did you know you have food growing in your backyard? Foraging for mushrooms is really fun and a great way to add local flavor to your food. Check out our friend’s guide to get started. 
  • Fishing! There are tons of resources for where to find places to fish, and to learn how to fish. There has never been a better time to pickup a cheap rod and reel (you can even buy online and have it delivered for adults, youth or kids) and start fishing. 
  • Hunting seasons are opening up across the country. If you’ve never hunted before, spring turkey season is a great way to get started. GoWild is updating our state list for hunting information, and we encourage people to utilize GoWild’s Turkey Trail (forum) and Near Me feature to find locals to ask advice.

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