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The SPYPOINT Trail Cam Photo Contest

August 11, 2020

It's hard to beat the feeling of catching something crazy on your trail cam. We want to see what you got! SPYPOINT's Trail Cam Photo Contest is rewarding those hunters who have put in the work and captured game on their trail cameras - big or small! See below for details and how to enter!

How It Works

Share & Tag
Create a post in GoWild™ with your trail cam photo and tag the trail cam you are using with Gearbox. Post to the Trail Camera Trail.

How to Tag Your Trail Cam in a Post

GoWild members should upvote the trail cam photos they want to win.

The trail cam photo with the most upvotes at the end of each month wins the new SPYPOINT LINK MICRO LTE!

What are you waiting for?! Head over to the Trail Cameras trail and show us your favorite trail cam photos!

GoWild members can enter as many trail camera photos as they want during the contest. However, a trail camera photo is only eligible for one month of the contest and cannot be eligible if uploaded a second time in a different month.

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