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The Best Fishing App for Actually Becoming a Better Angler

August 21, 2017

GoWild™ is the best app for fishing

GoWild is the ultimate app for fishing. Only with the GoWild app can you do all of the following:

    • Log and track all of your fish on your unique profile. 
    • Easily get a score for your fish, and see how it compares to anglers all around the world.
    • Getting angling tips, catered to your exact fishing interests and skill level. 
    • Find new and amazing recipes within the app, logged by other users and well-known anglers and chefs.
    • Easily get your content in front of other anglers, without having to worry about hashtags, tagging or paying to promote your content. 
    • Log time in the outdoors. 

    Whether you're a first-time hunter looking for advice, or a seasoned vet who wants to find a more sophisticated way to cook your meat, GoWild has something for you.  

    "[GoWild] helps make this world of wild game less scary by having everything you need at your fingertips. I wish I had an app like this when I was teaching myself."

    - Jeremiah Doughty, From Field to Plate

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