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  • The 20K Giveaway: 20 Decals from Your Favorite Hunting App

The 20K Giveaway: 20 Decals from Your Favorite Hunting App

The 20K Giveaway: 20 Decals from Your Favorite Hunting App
July 4, 2017

Hunting App hits 20K followers

GoWild™ recently hit 20K followers on Instagram, and to celebrate, we're giving away (at least) 20 decals! Comment and tell us why you want a decal, and where you'd put it! 

Update on the hunting, fishing and outdoors app:

We're currently building out our largest beta test yet. We're still on pace for a release just in time for dove season. The recipes feature is looking so nice (remember, you don't have to wait on those—we're posting new recipes weekly), and we have several tricks up our sleeve that you'll find out about soon enough. 

More than anything, it's important to know that this is an outdoors, fishing, and hunting app like you've never seen before. We promise you: No one is doing what GoWild is doing. We're not just another social media app. This is going to be the app you immediately want to use when you're scouting, hiking, off roading, hunting, fishing and so on. We're here to not only help you tell your outdoors story, we're here to help you enjoy the outdoors better. GoWild's goal is to help you be better at what you do, and to further conservation efforts. 

We've partnered with some great brands so far. Those brand partners will be integrated into launch with our weekly prize giveaways. You stand a chance to win sweet prizes from brands you already love, like Clenzoil, Harvesting Nature, TrophyStickers, Hunters Haul, Stix & Stones, Alpine Leisure Co. and many more

If you haven't signed up for the updates, do that right now! Trust us, you do not want to miss out when the app launches. 

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