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Team GoWild Sits Down to Chat with Cody Rich

Team GoWild Sits Down to Chat with Cody Rich
November 9, 2017
Cody Rich podcast

Author: Brad Luttrell, GoWild™ Co-Founder

I've been listening to Cody Rich's podcast since early spring, and I keep coming back. He stays on my playlist with the elites because Cody's shows are so well done. This guy is a storyteller. Whether he's interviewing a no-name, average Joe hunter with a passion for the lifestyle, or someone as well-known as Ben O'Brien, Cody weaves pure podcast perfection.
Last night, John and I sat down with Cody and got to tell GoWild's story. Well, OK some of it was just random, like the tale of my great grandfather's wooden leg, and that time John was almost run over by a cow (elk, not the milk ones, but that'd be pretty hilarious, too). But we did talk about GoWild—I swear.
It's amazing to see that in a year GoWild has gone from an idea in my head to being on a show among the ranks of some of the most influential folks in hunting. And we're so grateful for the opportunity. Give the show a listen below, or check it out on Stitcher, iTunes or Cody's website. And do yourself a favor—subscribe to The Rich Outdoors wherever you get your podcasts. 

The Rich Outdoors, EP 186: GoWild – Elk Hunting, Bass Fishing and BBQ Sauce

Show Notes
  • Interview starts (8:30)
  • Growing up hunting and fishing (12:00)
  • The wooden leg story (14:00)
  • The bass ponds (17:30)
  • Your passion becoming you profession (19:30)
  • A 100K$ bass boat (21:30)
  • Transitioning to becoming a professional bass fisher (23:30)
  • Coming out west for an elk hunt (30:15)
  • Elk in Kentucky (33:00)
  • The birth of the GoWild App (41:15)
  • Anti-hunting getting better or worse (48:00)
  • How GoWild promotes hunting in the form of social media (58:30)
  • The answer to everything is food (1:02:30)
  • Getting the GoWild app (1:09:30)
  • The giveaway (1:19:00)
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