Survival Hunting With Laura Zerra | When Fit Hits The Shan

Survival Hunting With Laura Zerra | When Fit Hits The Shan
November 4, 2020

Hunting to survive in a dire situation is a different ballgame. If you find yourself in a do or die situation with limited access to food, you need to know how to provide for yourself and others close to you. Laura Zerra, the Naked and Afraid all star, explains how she has been able to become an incredibly successful survival hunter. Her straightforward methods of acquiring meat and surviving in a difficult situation are useful and applicable skills for any outdoor enthusiast.


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Gear Mentioned In The Show:
Athletic Tape
Fire Paste  
Super Glue  
Sewing Kit  
Emergency Blanket  
Scalpel Blade  
Abe Elias Bushcraft Knife  
Strike Force Energy Mix  
The Hogg Father  
Christensen Mesa 6.5 Creedmoor  
Trijicon Scope  

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