Steven Taylor: Bass Fishing The Fall Transition

Steven Taylor: Bass Fishing The Fall Transition
August 13, 2020

Bass fishing in the fall is a blast if you know what you're doing! Steven Taylor, 4X Angler of the Year in Kentucky, spilled the beans for how he catches monster large mouth bass in the Fall season.

He goes into detail about how to chase shad, how to match the hatch, how to make your lures look like injured shad, when to go shallow and when to go deep, how to be a versatile angler, how to tell exactly when the fish are transitioning from summer to fall, and what lures to use and what time during the day to use them.

Gear Mentioned:

Don Iovino Splash it

Strike King KVD 1.5 Square Bill (Sexy Shad) 

Stan Sloan Spinnerbait

Strike King Red Eye Shad (Sexy Shad) 

Evergreen Shower Blow 150

Spike It Garlic Dye 

Zoom Trick Worm (Green Pumpkin)

1/4 oz Shakyhead Jig Head 


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