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  • Sponsored: You Stink! How Dead Down Wind Can Up Your Game

Sponsored: You Stink! How Dead Down Wind Can Up Your Game

Sponsored: You Stink! How Dead Down Wind Can Up Your Game
October 3, 2019

By Kory Slye

Hunting seasons are opening up across the United States and it’s great to finally be in the woods chasing after the animals we love to pursue. But, the warmer temperatures pose some challenges for the early season, especially for bowhunters looking to close the distance for their shot. Hunters need to level up their preparation for the season to increase the odds of successfully filling the freezer and that includes scent control.

The warmer temperatures of the early season mean an increased difficulty in scent control, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have options or shouldn’t be prepared. The first step in odor control preparation starts at home with your hunting clothes. At the end of the season, hunting clothes are often tossed in the corner or shoved in the back of the closet and forgotten. The smells they have accumulated throughout the offseason have to be dealt with before opening day.


The typical scented laundry detergents, which often have UV brighteners can have the opposite effect hunters want making them more visible to animals. That is why it’s important to use a scent free laundry detergent on hunting clothes before the start of the season. Dead Down Wind has laundry detergent and laundry bombs to help make the first step in odor control an easy one. The laundry bombs do not include UV brighteners and contain enzymes that take care of any lingering scent that may expose you in the field.


Don’t stop at just the scent-free laundry detergent. That fragrant shampoo you are using isn’t going to fool that old buck’s nose. Odor from your body and last night’s fried fish dinner need to be dealt with before going into the woods. Hunters need something that is scent-free, helps eliminate the odors that stick to hair and skin, and has the ability to eliminate the source of body odor. Dead Down Wind’s body and hair soap is able to do that and more with its positive enzyme formula. Now that you have put effort into getting your hunting clothes odor free, don’t put them on over a stinky body. Wash up with Dead Down Wind’s scent-killing bath products first!

Layering & Deodorant

Even a short hike to the treestand in the early season heat can ruin the hunt. Within a few minutes of hitting the trailhead you can be hot and sweaty, creating a layer of stink that most animals will smell long before you see them. When hiking in, wear as few layers as possible to help minimize sweating. Give yourself enough time so you can take a slow, methodical approach to your stand as to not work up a sweat. In addition to playing it smart in the field, using Dead Down Wind’s antiperspirant and deodorant will help eliminate that human odor right at the source. Put it on before heading into the woods and be confident that even with warmer temperatures, your body odor will be minimized to keep you hidden. 

Field Spray

You are bound to pick up some foreign scents in the process of getting to your hunting area, it’s inevitable. One way to minimize this is to not wear your hunting clothes and boots in your vehicle on the drive to your spot, and get dressed once out of the vehicle. This may not always be possible or practical. For these instances, Dead Down Wind has created the last line of defense in fighting odors, their Field Spray is the perfect scent control tool right before you walk into the woods. Spray down your boots, clothes, and equipment to get rid of those lingering odors. 

Eliminating all human odor is not possible, but you can better your chances by knowing how to control your scent, providing more opportunities to get within range of the animal you are after. Scent control products from Dead Down Wind are a necessary step for your hunting season preparation.

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