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September Competition: Help a Mini, Win a Mini

September Competition: Help a Mini, Win a Mini
September 1, 2018
GIVEAWAY: IPAD MINI 4, 128 GB | $300 

September is here, and yes, we're all pumped for dove, elk, mule deer, whitetail, moose, fall turkey and bear, but before we get too deep into the woods, make sure you don't forget something: the future generation of hunters. 

We're kicking off hunting season with a little competition. We want to see you step up. We've been talking about it all year—it's up to us to get the next generation involved. So with hunting seasons kicking off across the country for various game, we're asking that you help some youth out. To reward and incentivize, we're going to host a little competition, and an iPad Mini is on the line! 

Competition Details

There are two ways to enter. The first is this: Take a photo of you and your youth outside either getting ready for hunting season (archery/rifle practice, for example) or actually hunting. You can upload that photo onto the post on GoWild™ about this competition. You can find that post in the Giveaways Trail or by searching for "iPad."

The second way is by donating to Raise Em Outdoors. We realize not everyone has a child in their life who they can take, but you can still help. Raise Em Outdoors is hosting camps all over the country, teaching kids how to hunt, fish, and enjoy the outdoors. All donations to Raise Em Outdoors this September will count as an entry for the iPad Mini. 

Raise Em Outdoor's Gear Requests:

• Shooting sports gear, bows, targets
• Fishing gear
• Hunting clothing (camo clothing for all weather, ages 3 - 18)
• Knives
• Game calls
• Full gear list on Raise Em Outdoors' website

GoWild will pick a winner by October 5. We'll pull all photo comments from the post on GoWild, and coordinate with Raise Em Outdoors to get all donation names. The winner of the iPad will be announced via the GoWild app. Learn how to donate to Raise Em Outdoors here. 

That's it! Go out there and do something good for tomorrow's generation!

Remember: You can only enter via GoWild or donations to Raise Em Outdoors. Comments on this blog don't count. 

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