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  • Restless Native: Kimmi Greentree, Australian Bowhunter, Mother & Wife

Restless Native: Kimmi Greentree, Australian Bowhunter, Mother & Wife

Restless Native: Kimmi Greentree, Australian Bowhunter, Mother & Wife
July 6, 2018

Kimmi Greentree

"People have failure. People should know that. If they come into this and think they're going to have a 100% success—they're not. Learning from your failures makes you a better hunter. And that has to happen."
— Kimmi Greentree

Some of you know today’s guest because of her husband. But in a little over an hour, you’ll see she stands out on her own.

Prior to my interview, I admired Kimmi Greentree's authenticity and self awareness. Her social media profiles are hilarious and I liked her. But in a very impersonal way, similar to how you might think a comedian is funny. Or how you might like to follow a social media account because they post good memes.

But after this conversation, I really connected with that authenticity, and saw it being applied into the outdoors space. She doesn’t apologize for her feelings. She doesn’t apologize for not knowing something. She doesn’t apologize for disagreement, even with her husband. She doesn’t apologize for her experiences.

Kimmi is Adam Greentree’s wife. Many of you will know Adam as the bowhunter who’s blown up recently. He’s been on Joe Rogan quite a bit, which I know a lot of you enjoy, as do I. I wanted to know what it’s like to have a family, and a husband who's traveling all over the globe hunting. 

We're going to talk life, loss, love, and more in this show. And it's a fantastic conversation. 

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