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Restless Native: Joe Betar, Houston Safari Club

Restless Native: Joe Betar, Houston Safari Club
June 21, 2018
Houston Safari Club

"I can take one person hunting, but we all need to realize we're all part of a larger network. We've all got to get involved. One person is not too small to make a difference." 
— Joe Betar, Houston Safari Club Foundation

You know those people you meet and connect with immediately? The ones who cause you to quickly forget you don’t know them all that well? 

That’s Joe Betar. 
Joe is today’s guest. He's with Houston Safari Club Foundation, and we caught up recently in Lincoln, Nebraska—my first trip there this year. We were both there for R3, the symposium pulled together to solve for huntings challenges, specifically when it comes to recruitment, retainment and reactivation.
Joe and I really don’t know each other what I would call well. But at times in this show I forgot that, and I bet you will, too. He’s that kind of guy. Easy going. We have a lot in common, so it made chatting easy. One of those things is we have both switched industries entirely and moved into the hunting industry, coming from very different backgrounds. We also both have a passion for activating a new generation in hunting. 
Joe is the Executive Director at Houston Safari Club. For many of you, you’re going to be surprised what that actually means. I can almost guarantee many of you don’t know what they do. I know I didn’t know to what extent they were involved in these things. 
Learn more about Houston Safari Club here
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