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  • Restless Native: Jeremiah Doughty, From Field to Plate

Restless Native: Jeremiah Doughty, From Field to Plate

Restless Native: Jeremiah Doughty, From Field to Plate
May 31, 2018

Restless Native Podcast

"I thought, 'there's gotta be a better way.' So I said, I'm going to start something to teach people to go from field to plate, with respect, honor and integrity."
- Jeremiah Doughty, From Field to Plate

This show is with someone with a lot of drive. And talent. And maybe most importantly, a guy with a passion for helping others experience the outdoors. 

For episode 13, we welcome Jeremiah Doughty, who many of you would probably be more likely to recognize as the "From Field to Plate" guy. He’s a hunter, angler and amazing chef, and in this episode, we'll talk about his path to becoming a guy who's sponsored by some major brands in the industry, as well as how he's turned down more money because to him, it's about the people, not the paycheck.  

Jeremiah's version of success is probably different from many. He doesn’t care about the Insta-fame. He doesn’t care about the logos that show up at the end of his YouTube videos. To him, it's about helping people, and working with people he cares about. 

I admire that. 

Jeremiah doesn’t shy away from his passion for food, his strong faith and his natural desire to hunt. He’s an educator. He’s an inspiration. And after the last year of inappropriate jokes and texting with him as if he’s my personal chef, I’m proud to call him a friend. 

We'll talk about his background, a few of his favorite hunts, path to big game chef, and we'll answer questions from users. We also have some big announcements at the end of this show, so stay tuned! 

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