Restless Native: Episode 7, Life, Death & Johne Prine

Restless Native: Episode 7, Life, Death & Johne Prine
April 19, 2018

John Prine

“It’s better to sound intelligent, ambitious and capable than to sound available.”

John Prine released a new album and as usual, it comes with some life lessons. I talk through a few songs that stood out to me on the album, and apply some of these observations in a way you might not expect—career advice. Reflecting on Prine's lyrics, I'll answer a specific email from a listener, and talk through actual tactics you can apply today to build a career in the outdoors industry. 

I'll also give you a single question you can ask yourself that will give you a new career trajectory. I promise you, it will change how you look at your daily routine. And I have two challenges for you at the end—so stick around. 

I also dig into some great quick-hit questions from users, ranging from people who influenced me, a shift in outdoors media, high-farm fences, first-time hunters and much more. 

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