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Restless Native: Episode 6, Hannah Barron

Restless Native: Episode 6, Hannah Barron
April 11, 2018

Hannah Barron

"Why do you want people to follow you? To look at you, or to listen to what you have to say?" - Hannah Barron

When I think of authenticity, I think of people like Hannah Barron.

She’s real, she’s not trying to hide who she is. She loves her daddy, she is serious about hunting and eating some squirrels. She’s doing good ol’ fashioned, blue collar work, swinging hammers and drilling drills.

I wanted to have Hannah on the show because I think while some people have worked really hard to create a life worth following, Hannah has become famous online because she’s kept it real among all of the fake BS.

In a sea of inauthentic trite posts, Hannah is a beacon of authenticity and good stories. We'll hear some of those stories (and some of them are... gross). We'll also answer some user Qs at the end, so stick around to hear some hard questions.

Topics Covered:
• Accents & Appalachian Accents
• The Doe Pus Pocket
• Super Soaker of Nasty Grossness
• Hunting Deer in Alabama Kansas
• Social Media Stars—the Good & the Bad
• What’s It Mean to Be a Sportsman? Or Woman?
• Being Labeled as the “Hot Girl” Who Fishes
• What is Noodlin’?
• Catfish Aren’t Dirty
• Snapping Turtles are Fast
• Gators Taking Off Your Head
• Mayonnaise Sandwiches as Insult?
• Hannah's Relationship with Her Mom

Find Hannah's popular pages: Instagram | Facebook

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