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  • Restless Native: Episode 2, John Hunter

Restless Native: Episode 2, John Hunter

Restless Native: Episode 2, John Hunter
March 21, 2018


"Failure is what drives us." - John Hunter

John Hunter is a pro angler. He's one of the best few hundred fishermen in the world. Having recently finished at the top of one tournament, he turned around to have what he self described to me as an awful showing at the next. But he knows those failures make him stronger. This show might be with a bass fisherman, but we barely talk the act fishing. It’s about John’s failures, and how they drive his success.

You don’t need to know a thing about fishing to walk away from my talk with John feeling inspired and motivated. It’s amazing to hear about his lifestyle and schedule. It leaves you wondering how in the world he can keep up the pace.

The only answer I have for you? John is ever restless.

Learn more about John’s new company, Graph Glass

Topics covered: 

    • Explosion of college fishing
    • John's crazy schedule
    • Trading a dirt bike for a boat
    • The athleticism required to be top level athletes
    • John's humble beginnings
    • How to approach a company and show them you’re worth sponsoring
    • John’s new company
    • Sleep management
    • Hunter S. Thompson’s ability to do 12 hours of drugs before crafting his work. We don’t recommend it.
    • Tapping your creativity

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