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Restless Native: Chris Poore, Angler, Writer and Entrepreneur

Restless Native: Chris Poore, Angler, Writer and Entrepreneur
May 3, 2018

Chris Poore


“Don’t be afraid to fail. There’s a whole bunch of learning when you’re failing.”

Today's show is with someone who is very important to me. Chris Poore is an angler, writer, entrepreneur and, for me and countless other people, a mentor. That's no where near descriptive enough. The guy has done so much in his life. Up until recently, he was the Student Newspaper Advisor at the University of Kentucky, which is how I met him. But after 17 years, Chris left that role recently to pursue a new career in marketing. 

Chris and I chatted for about an hour about all kinds of stuff. He doles out great piece of advice after great piece of advice. He gives a few cool resources that I hope you'll check into. And we even chat a little hunting, farming and fishing in here, too. 

I'm so proud of Chris for taking the leap of faith to start his own company, Great Stories, Inc. If you're a small business in need of marketing help, I can fully stand behind recommending Chris. You can find him at cpoore@mac.com. 

Topics Covered:

  • Keys to Learning
  • Taking Risks Is Important
  • Driving Through a Tornado
  • The Importance of Lifelong Learning
  • Trying, Failing at Business
  • The Value of Wedding Photography 
  • Lessons in Selling Eggs
  • Making Yourself Uncomfortable
  • Buying a Farm
  • Fishing White Bass in Kentucky
  • Starting a Fishing Magazine
  • Online Classes You Can Take Now, For Cheap
  • Do We Love the Outdoors Innately?
  • Mentoring to Save Our Public Lands
  • Farming Impacts on Wildlife & Getting Access
  • Good Ag Practices & Our Eating Habits 
  • Concerns Over Water Access
  • Raccoons Murdering Chickens
  • Chris’ Parting Thoughts


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