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  • Restless Native: Brad Smith, Writer, Entrepreneur & Fly Fisherman

Restless Native: Brad Smith, Writer, Entrepreneur & Fly Fisherman

Restless Native: Brad Smith, Writer, Entrepreneur & Fly Fisherman
August 21, 2018

“When I want something, I’m going to do it. It keeps me up at night. I try, and if it fails, I’ll try again.” — Brad Smith

It’s hard to pinpoint when change is happening. It feels like it’s always happening and never happening. But in the age of storytelling and media, it’s happening right now.

This interview is going to dig into that. What happens when an entity that is nearly synonymous with the Internet and freedom of speech decides to censor content? Hate speech is one thing, but what about when it's just something the entity doesn't like but it's totally legal? That's hunting. It will be interesting to see how digital censorship plays out.

Now this episode isn’t all conspiracy theory discussion. That’s actually just a small part of it. But it was a part that's unique and extremely relevant to some things happening in the industry right now.

Today’s guest is Brad Smith. Many of you will know Brad from his work with Wide Open Spaces, as well as for being the Founder of Walton Rods. We’ll hear Brad’s journey into both of these ventures today. 

Get ready. This one is like a stream. Long, deep and a fun journey. 

Restless Native is brought to you by Houston Safari Club Foundation

This episode of Restless Native is brought to you by Houston Safari Club Foundation. GoWild™ is working with Houston Safari Club Foundation, and you know about some of the conservation efforts this group participates in.

This is an amazing organization, that is not only funding conservation efforts, they’re helping kids further their education, learn how to get outdoors and actively tackle R3 efforts.

Houston Safari Club Foundation has put $2.1 million into scholarships for hunters. That is, they are paying for scholarships to kids who are proven outdoors enthusiasts with hunting backgrounds. These are future decision makers and educators. They tackle Hunter Recruitment first hand with outdoor programs that have introduced hundreds of students to hunting experiences and career opportunities.

Houston Safari Club Foundation has also provided $3.5 million in hunter-funded programs for habitat and wildlife improvements, anti-poaching and outdoor education.

Members can connect with individuals from diverse fields, sharing a passion for hunting. Go back and listen to Joe’s interview if you missed it—he talks about all kinds of amazing events they host for these efforts.  

Members also enjoy an active community, with monthly events and of course, the annual convention where members gather to socialize and share experiences.

Learn more: hscfdn.org.

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