Restless Native: 15, Adam Weatherby, President of Weatherby

Restless Native: 15, Adam Weatherby, President of Weatherby
June 14, 2018

Adam Weatherby 


“I’m here today because of the way my grandfather established this brand. I’m still riding the wave today.” — Adam Weatherby

Seven decades ago, Weatherby magnums were flipping the industry on its head for their velocity and flat trajectory performance.

And they’re still leading the way.

Weatherby Firearms needs no intro. It’s the gun you’ve lusted for. It’s an elite brand you respect, even if you’ve never fired one or even seen one yourself. That kind of brand equity takes sweat equity. And Roy Weatherby had that and more. 

Today we're talking to Adam Weatherby, the President of Weatherby and grandson of Roy. In this episode we'll talk about the legacy and brand that Roy built, how Roy impacted his son, Ed, and Adam's journey to lead. 

Adam’s done a lot of podcasts, but I promise you, if you’ve heard him before, stick around. He even said at the end of the show, he’s never done a show like this.

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