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Q&A: Hunter, Chef & Writer, Kory Slye

Q&A: Hunter, Chef & Writer, Kory Slye
July 13, 2017

Kory with a trout 

Kory initially reached out to GoWild out of curiosity. What started out as a simple email has led to a full brand partnership between GoWild™ and the online outdoors publication Kory writes for, Harvesting Nature. Kory and the Harvesting Nature crew have partnered with us to share some of their well-known recipes, and therefore help further our mission (and theirs) of teaching hunters and anglers how to better utilize their wild game.
We got the chance to catch up with Kory and talk about his passion for hunting, cooking and writing. Enjoy the interview! 

GoWild: Have you been an outdoorsman your whole life, or is there a specific time when you remember getting into being in the wilderness?

Kory: My Dad is a hunter and fisherman, so it was no surprise that as soon as I was able to I was hunting and fishing right alongside him.  I grew up in rural Pennsylvania, so it was just a matter of walking into the woods passed the backyard to go hunting or a quick trip on the four-wheeler to get to the local trout stream.  

I was blessed to have a (mostly) patient father, that took the time to show me how to hunt and fish.  I think he did everything in his power so that I would enjoy it early on and to help develop my passion for the outdoors.  I can still remember fishing with him when I was a kid, I would be catching fish while he was untangling or baiting up another fishing rod, and as soon as I would get a snag or land a fish he was right there to hand me that other rod so I could keep fishing.

GoWild: I know you hunt and fish a lot of species. What’s your favorite to hunt, and what’s your favorite to eat?

Kory: There is just something about a crisp autumn morning in Pennsylvania, waking up with the forrest is something everyone should experience at least once in their life. Archery hunting for whitetails is my favorite type of hunting.  However, I’ve never been out west to hunt for elk or mule deer, so my view is pretty narrow.  

Venison is by far my favorite wild game to eat.  It is so versatile, I could eat it just about every day and not get tired of it.  My wife and I recently grilled some beef steaks and realized that venison is so much more flavorful and remembered why we don’t buy steak at the grocery store anymore.  Knowing that I harvested and butchered the venison myself makes it taste even better.

Kory with his dad

GoWild: Tell us about your role at Harvesting Nature and why you’re excited to be a part of that organization.

Kory: At Harvesting Nature I started out as a Field Staff Writer, and wrote mostly stories about my outdoor exploits. It wasn’t long before Justin, our editor-in-chief and founder, asked me to take on a larger role as Managing Editor. So, now I get the opportunity to read all of the great articles and recipes before they go up on our website. I just make sure the stories flow well and the right “they’re, their, there” is used.  Most of our writers are good at what they do, which makes my job that much easier.  I still write stories and a few recipes here and there.

I also help Justin, develop partnerships with great companies and brands, like GoWild, and brainstorm new apparel and product ideas.  

It’s exciting to read the stories that our writers send in.  Through them I can vicariously experience some amazing adventures.  From grizzly bear hunting in Alaska, to spearfishing in Hawaii, to chasing antelope in Wyoming, our writers have hunted or fished all across the US and beyond.

But what really excites me is what Harvesting Nature is really all about, turning that hunting and fishing adventure into a delicious meal.  What we have tried to do with the recipes is keep them as simple as possible, using ingredients that most people would already have in their pantry, and make a meal that surpasses anything you would get in an upscale restaurant. We have some very talented wild game chefs that contribute for us.  They love wild game and appreciate where their food comes from, and you can really see that shine through in the recipes.

Before I started writing for Harvesting Nature, I didn’t stray much farther than steaks on the grill and turning the ground venison into a hamburger.  Harvesting Nature has expanded my horizons, not just by following the recipes on the website, but giving me the confidence to try a more creative approach and come up with my own recipes.  

GoWild: What’s the one thing you’d want a stranger to know about Harvesting Nature?

Kory: Harvesting Nature is a great resource to expand your wild game culinary knowledge.  There’s everything from rattlesnake soup and squirrel stir fry, to corned venison and black bear burgers with blueberry BBQ sauce.

Kory fishing

GoWild: Why are you excited to partner with GoWild?

Kory: I’m excited that Harvesting Nature and GoWild have become partners because it provides new opportunities for both of us. It’s always great working with like-minded people that share the same passion for the outdoors that we do.  I think what GoWild is doing is very creative and beneficial for the hunting, fishing, and outdoor community and we’re honored to be a part of it.

GoWild: If someone has been debating going hunting for the first time, what would you say to get them to give it a shot?

Kory: It’s not so much what I’d say, it’s more of what I would do. I would cook them dinner with some high-quality wild game.  My turkey schnitzel is pretty good.  


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