Polish Pete: Secrets to Catching Bass | The Fall to Winter Transition

Polish Pete: Secrets to Catching Bass | The Fall to Winter Transition
September 16, 2020

Catching bass during the end of fall into winter stumps the best bass fisherman. Pete Przepiora (Polish Pete) does his best to give you an edge to rip lips through the fall to winter transition. This episode covers the late fall to early winter bass fishing transition, reel speed, what bass feed on in the cold months, the lures to use in the north and south when it's cold, the best reels to use for beginners, the best line to use for beginners, and the best rod to use for beginners. It's time to stop getting skunked just because it's cold. You can (and will) catch bass in the winter...if you know what you're doing!

Gear Mentioned:


South Baits

White Flashy Spinnerbait 

Blade bait - Shad 

North Baits

Strike King Minnow 

Zman Jackhammer ChatterBait 

Chatterbait Yamomoto Zako Trailer 


Daiwa Tatula 3000 

Daiwa Fuego 3000 

Shimano Nasci 3000 

Shimano Exsence 3000 


30 Pound Test Braided 

40 Pound Test Braided 




7 Foot Medium 

7 Foot Medium Heavy



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