Parker McDonald: 2020 Saddle Hunting Gear Guide and Review

Parker McDonald: 2020 Saddle Hunting Gear Guide and Review
July 9, 2020

Tree saddle hunting gear with one of the best in the saddle hunting game. Watch this gear guide and and gear review to save hundreds of dollars on your saddle hunting gear pursuit. Parker McDonald, from Southern Ground Hunting, explains all of his saddle hunting systems. Learn what it means to be an efficient and effective saddle hunter. Parker has a system for everything when it comes to hunting whitetail! He teaches you why he packs his gear the way he does and how you can get the most out of your tree saddle hunting experience.

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Gear Mentioned: 

Tethrd Mantis Saddle

Tethrd Phantom Saddle

Tethrd Predator Platform Gen 2

Hawk Helium Climbing Sticks

Tethrd Versa Strap

Black Diamond Etrier (5 Step)

Eberlestock x2 Day Pack

Tethrd HYS Strap

Big Whitetail Dreams Gear Hanger

Fourth Arrow Base

Skre Kaibab 170 Merino Top

Skre Kaibab 170 Merino bottom

Skre Kaibab 300 Merino hoodie

Skre Kaibab 300 Merino bottoms 

Skre Hardscrabble Jackets

Skre Hardscrabble Pants

Skre Ptarmigan 850 Ultra Down


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