NWTF CEO Joins GoWild Co-Founder to Chat Mentorship & Conservation

NWTF CEO Joins GoWild Co-Founder to Chat Mentorship & Conservation
February 26, 2019

NWTF CEO Becky Humphries

“It’s a meaningful process. It’s so rewarding to go out and see people who want to harvest their own food, have a low carbon footprint and know where that food comes from.”

– Becky Humphries, CEO National Wild Turkey Federation

GoWild's podcast, Restless Native, has been making waves with its guests as of late. Today, the show dropped an episode with NWTF CEO, Becky Humphries. 

Becky has four decades of experience in wildlife management and conservation. She’s been a critical leader in NWTF’s Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. initiative. And she’s a tremendous advocate for R3, that’s the recruitment, retention and reactivation of hunters.  

As you know, we partnered with the NWTF and kicked the effort off with a turkey hunting sweepstakes, open to any NWTF members. Download the GoWild™ app on Android or iPhone and search NWTF to find out how to enter.

The NWTF’s convention was a few weeks ago, and GoWild attended to speak with NWTF mentors and R3 Coordinators about the power of technology when used for mentorship. Brad also sat down with Becky to talk about where NWTF has been, but most importantly, where it’s going. 

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