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New video: Hunters, We're Stronger Together

New video: Hunters, We're Stronger Together
February 28, 2018


There's been a lot of healthy discussion about the importance of the social media platforms we choose to tell our story. The GoWild™ team has been especially tuned into these conversations, partially because we're building our own social platform, but also because we were working on this video project.

Some of the largest social media platforms in the world have active anti-hunting policies. We don't have to name names—you've probably seen content being censored, or heard of someone's posts or account being deleted. It happens daily. And to make matters worse, these organizations don’t see us as conservationist and providers and do little to stop anti-hunter’s harassment.

All of this goes into why we built GoWild, a platform where hunters, anglers and outdoors enthusiasts can be themselves. While we have a really engaged audience, in order for a social network to grow and succeed, we have to expand to bring in more young hunters, and more veteran hunters to mentor them. 

How You Can Help

Join us to come together, and take a step towards fighting for our rights as hunters, conservationists and providers. Invite someone to try GoWild. Just tell them you really enjoy the app, and think they would, too. It could be all it takes to get someone into the woods. 

Remember, we’re stronger together. 


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