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  • New Shocker Turkey Hunting Line from Allen Is Impressive

New Shocker Turkey Hunting Line from Allen Is Impressive

New Shocker Turkey Hunting Line from Allen Is Impressive
March 22, 2019

Allen Shocker Turkey Hunting
Gobbler Season Is Here!

The Shocker Turkey hunting line is made by Turkey Hunters, for Turkey Hunters. And It Shows.

When it comes to chasing long beards, there’s nothing better than hearing that morning thunder. Well, except closing the deal and bringing home the bird.

To get there, a lot goes into a turkey hunt: knowing how to speak the language, where to set up, when to move, and of course, good gear.

The Shocker Turkey Hunter Collection by Allen helps with that last part. These new products were developed by turkey hunters to solve for some common problems, like short shotgun cases, lack of call storage, noisy bags, losing calls, and so on and so on.

Simply put, these products make things easier in the field to make you a better hunter.

Take a look, it truly seems they’ve thought of everything. What do you think?

Shocker Turkey Hunting Gloves | $17.99
Do you ever end up dropping or misplacing your diaphragm call?

These gloves have a compartment for it, right on top of your hand. No more trying to remember which pocket you stuck it in, or worse, it has fallen in the dirt.

That’s not all, these gloves have a spur ruler right there on the inside of the palm. Now, that’s convenient! Learn More

Shocker Neck Gaiter | $17.99
A neck gaiter can be incredibly handy when you need to stay concealed in the woods. Here’s a few features you’ll find in the uniqueness of this one:

  • Adjustable Pull Cord On Rear For Secure Fit
  • Convenient Diaphragm Call Pocket On Front Of Gaiter
  • Breathable Mesh For Better Airflow

Shocker Turkey Hunting Shotgun Case | $69.99
Here’s a shotgun case that helps a turkey hunter stay organized before, after and during the hunt. The front pocket has neoprene sleeves for your slate calls and customized pockets for your striker and box calls. There’s a pocket in the rear that has 4 slots for mouth and 4 choke tubes, plus plenty of room for other accessories like your gloves and gaiter. It’s even equipped with turkey beard and spurs tape to easily measure while still in the moment!

Our favorite features - this case is roomy! It can fit shotguns up to 52”. Check it out

Shocker Shotgun Sling | $29.99
One thing we like about the sling is that it is incredibly light. It’s made with an ultra-lightweight material that also has a non-slip backing. The adjustable ladder lock buckle makes it easy to find that custom fit that keeps it comfy!

Shocker Cut-n-Run Turkey Pack | $49.99
The cut and run pack is a perfect bag for all your calls and much more. It has 3 diaphragm call pockets, 2 striker sleeves, shotgun shell packets and a secure carry pocket for a firearm.

It also has a magnetic front flap for quick and quiet access. These are the type of unique features that really highlights how these products are engineered by turkey hunters for turkey hunters.

A few other little surprises that are fun about this one:

  • Divided Box Call Pocket Prevents Rubbing While Walking
  • Front Storage Pocket for Storage of Small Items
  • Elastic Loops to Carry Additional Shotgun Shells

All of these items come in Mossy Oak Obsession, the official camo of The National Wild Turkey Federation.

Interested in purchasing some gear for yourself? As a special offer, you can get 25% OFF and FREE shipping on all Shocker gear. Just tag @Allen Company in your turkey season posts on GoWild™ and they’ll send you the code! You can also tag them on Instagram or Facebook using #gettheshockout or @allencompany.

Find more information on Allen and The Shocker Turkey Hunter Collection 


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