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  • GoWild & National Shooting Sports Foundation Ask You to Remember the +ONE

GoWild & National Shooting Sports Foundation Ask You to Remember the +ONE

GoWild & National Shooting Sports Foundation Ask You to Remember the +ONE
October 25, 2019

Millions of people want to know more about hunting and target shooting, and the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) has created a new mentorship initiative called the +ONE Movement to answer the call. 

“Having a mentor at your side makes it much easier for a person to get started hunting and target shooting,” said NSSF CEO, Steve Sanetti. “With our new +ONE Movement, we’re encouraging people to discover the significant rewards of being a mentor. +ONE challenges everyone in our community to bring someone new along the next time they go hunting or target shooting.”

A major barrier for people wanting to learn about hunting and target shooting is that basic knowledge of them is not passed down from adults to youth as commonly as it once was. That’s where programs that inspire mentoring—like +ONE—can make a huge difference. According to recent research, if just one in three hunters added a new person to the ranks of hunting, it would secure a strong future for hunting. For target shooting, given that current participation levels are positive already, adding to the ranks only strengthens this growing community.

The +ONE Movement is supported by two unique websites (LetsGoHunting.org and LetsGoShooting.org). Each site hosts how-to articles and videos from subject-matter experts—content that mentors and participants of all skill levels will find valuable—as well as a host of resources for new and existing hunters and target shooters. 

GoWild is a social media and activity tracking platform for outdoor enthusiasts. At the core of the platform’s mission is helping people have the tools and community to learn to enjoy the outdoors. With features like GoWild’s Near Me button, which finds outdoorsmen and women near you, veterans and beginners alike are saying they find the community to be a great resource in their outdoor quests. 

“From the very beginning, we built this platform to help people learn,” said GoWild™ CEO, Brad Luttrell. “Features like GoWild’s Near Me button, which connects you to hunters and shooters near you, are incredibly effective, but people have to use them. At the end of the day, this is bigger than GoWild or NSSF. People have to help by stepping up and saying, ‘I want to share this lifestyle I love.’ “

Get Involved Now

In your GoWild Trailmix, tap the “Near Me” filter to find people like you, near you. Whether you’re a veteran who can help or a rookie looking for advice, this feature can help you connect with the right audience. Together, we can secure the future of the hunting and shooting sports. 

Visit LetsGoHunting.org and LetsGoShooting.org for more. 

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