Mike Larsen: Concealed Carry and EDC For Beginners

Mike Larsen: Concealed Carry and EDC For Beginners
September 10, 2020

Concealed carry and your mindset can be an incredible asset or dangerous liability. Mike Larsen, Navy veteran and active Police Officer, brings 2 decades of experience to the table when he shares his recommendations for gun safety. Brad and Mike cover their favorite pistol brands, the safest holsters for concealed carry, what type of gun is best for EDC, the importance of finding hand and gun fit for the optimal pistol grip, the best holster retention for every situation (level 1, 2, and 3), passive and active retention, gun safety in a real fight, concealing the outline/shape of your pistol, and concealed carry reciprocity for traveling from state to state. This is an action packed episode for EDC and Concealed Carry newbies and fanatics alike.

Gear Mentioned:



Full Sized Glock 22

Glock 43 

Glock 26 


Sticky Holsters 

Fobus Paddle Holster 

Black Hawk Holster 


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