May Giveaway: Custom Graphic with Your Deer's Rack

May Giveaway: Custom Graphic with Your Deer's Rack
May 1, 2017

Great sticker on a hummer

Prize: Custom TrophyStickers Vinyl Decal & Laser-Etched Tumbler | Value: $65

We really focus on working with quality brands that are offering valuable and unique services or products to hunters. When we started talking with John from, we knew right away he fit that mold. 

John is doing something really unique. Through an astute observation, he realized that hunters work year round to harvest a deer that not only provides meat on the table, but one they're proud to showcase in their home. But why stop there? John figured out a way for hunters to bring their trophies with them, and was born! 

For May, we're giving away two prizes to two separate winners: One custom vinyl, and one custom stainless steel tumbler. Each winner will be able to submit a picture of their best buck, and John and his team will create a custom graphic to place on the prize. 

If you don't win this month's prize, don't worry. We liked John's product so much we immediately offered him another prize slot for when the app launches. 

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Check out the product:


Sample of deer rack sticker

Custom Yeti Tumbler

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