March Giveaway: T-Shirts from Bowhunter for Life

March Giveaway: T-Shirts from Bowhunter for Life
March 1, 2017

As we've said before, GoWild is the only free hunting and fishing app that's regularly giving you sweet gear. And we're not talking about just gear with our logo on it (although, we gotta say, our logo looks pretty great on those Yetis!). We have plans to give out some serious loot.

Remember: Once the app launches, you'll be able to complete challenges to potentially win prizes. The app may not launch until this fall, but we're already rolling on the prizes. 

February's prize hails all the way from the land down under. Simon, the founder of a small clothing company call Bowhunter for Life, reached out to us with interest in GoWild. After a few emails circling the globe back and forth, we decided we had to partner together. 

Simon's company has some awesome shirts for bowhunters (it's as advertised). The material is very soft and high quality and his printing will last for years. The other great thing about this giveaway? The odds of winning have doubled! We're giving away your choice of a Bowhunter for Life shirt for two separate winners! 

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