Jonathan Metcalf: Cost Effective Elk Hunting

Jonathan Metcalf: Cost Effective Elk Hunting
August 20, 2020

Affordable, yet reliable, Elk hunting gear can be difficult to come by. Jonathan Metcalf is a Marine veteran and has enjoyed a lifetime of successful elk hunting on public land. He puts affordable gear through the wringer to determine what works best for any gear he recommends. On this episode he tells us how he approaches scouting for elk, what GPS's or mapping tools to use, selecting elk calls, calling tones, choosing the best pack for you, and finding the right sidearm to take with you.

Gear Mentioned:


OnX App
BaseMap App


Phelps Elk Calls 
Phelps Bugle Tube 
Rugged Maps 
Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls 
Native by carolton Calls 
Elk Nut App 


Wilderness Pack Specialties: Axis 
Wilderness Pack Specialties: Big Horn 
Wilderness Pack Specialties: Yukon Frame 
Exo Mtn Gear: K3 Frame 


Springfield Hellcat 
Ivory Holster 
Springfield XDM 
"Baby" Glock 26 


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