In the News: A Few Interesting Takes on GoWild Hunting & Fishing App

In the News: A Few Interesting Takes on GoWild Hunting & Fishing App
September 17, 2017

GoWild's launch made national news with Wide Open Spaces, and since then we've seen praise from news organizations in Kentucky and Indiana for the app's launch. A few excerpts are below, along with links to each article. 

Louisville Business First

Louisvillians launch social media app for outdoors enthusiasts

"The application is segmented into categories, and its focus goes well beyond hunting and fishing. It has information and online forums for archery, camping, hiking, running, climbing, biking, firearms, gardening and nature enthusiasts, among other topics. Each category allows users to connect with others, share tips and gather information on new products, trends or equipment." 

Read the rest of the Business First story

See the hunting and fishing app story at The Daily News

Ball State graduate creates GoWild™ app

“The app learns how to score based off of a machine learning algorithm that is constantly tweaking itself,” Grimes said. “A buck killed in Montana might not be the same as a buck killed in Indiana. It takes into account the time of year and weather to analytically score that animal too.”

Read the rest of the Daily News story. 


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