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Perfect Your In-The-Field Scent Control For Deer Hunting

Perfect Your In-The-Field Scent Control For Deer Hunting
November 1, 2023

Written by Will Bowen


In a previous post, we discussed how to step up your game in terms of pre-hunt scent control, but proper scent control doesn’t stop there! If you want to be as close to undetectable as possible, your in-the-field scent control needs to be on-point. 


What’s the point in taking all that time before the hunt preparing your body and clothes for a scent free excursion, if you are just going to forgo that attitude in the woods. It just wouldn’t make sense, especially if you are using scent control to increase your odds at a buck. Scent control is a multifaceted approach and not one component can be forgotten.


Want to know the best way to avoid a deer’s nose while hunting? Let’s look at a proven scent control strategy and a few products to help with this endeavor. 


Becoming Undetectable to Deer

I break my in-the-field scent control into three different phases: access wind awareness, on-stand wind awareness and backup preparedness. Each one is as important as the last and all of them work in unison to make me as undetectable as possible. 

  • Access Wind Awareness

Constantly knowing the prevailing wind direction is key to good stand access. Approaching your stand with the wind in your face ensures that you haven’t busted any deer on your approach. I learned this lesson the hard way. Previously, I only cared which direction the wind drifted while I was on the stand, not knowing that I had just blown the whole bedding area on the walk in. Access wind is vital and ensures that the deer you will be hunting won’t be expecting you.

  • On-Stand Wind Awareness

Now that you’ve made it to the stand, you want to make sure that your wind is favorable. I prefer that the wind pushes my scent back the way I came or in the direction of the truck. I don’t anticipate deer to approach me from this direction. The last thing you want is the wind at your back blowing right towards where you are expecting the deer to approach. 

  • Backup Preparedness

All this talk of playing wind direction is great, but deer always find a way to loop around and slip through the cracks. This is where quality scent control products will become your best tool. Treating your clothes prior to the hunt and using field sprays are not only wise, they are a must in my opinion. There are many opinions out there on the effectiveness of scent control products in terms of eliminating human odor, but in my opinion, anything that can up your odds is worth it to me. 

The Best Scent Control Tools for the Job

Like the previous article presented, Dead Down Wind’s arsenal of scent control products are vast and offer a product for every unique hunting situation. We already covered the pre-hunt products in the previous article. Now we need to discuss possibly the two most important tools Dead Down Wind has to offer.

Dead Down Wind presents a wind puffer like no other. Always know which way the wind is blowing with this handy tool. It uses advanced vapor technology to reveal the slightest wind direction and holds 400 puffs per cartridge. It includes a detector unit, smoke cartridge, battery, USB charger, and a lanyard.

Finally, we’ve reached the flagship product from Dead Down Wind’s lineup. The unscented field spray has been around for a long time and numerous hunters have attested to its effectiveness. It features advanced enzyme technology to eliminate a broad spectrum of odors that can attach to your skin, clothing and hunting gear, so make sure you spray down before every hunt. 

Scent control is about taking every advantage available to avoid a deer’s nose. That’s why many hunters utilize a multi-level approach consisting of wind awareness and intervention through products like Dead Down Wind has to offer. I would encourage both lines of thinking. Don’t completely disregard the wind when using scent control products, but let them be your saving grace when the deer start thinking outside of the box. 


Stay undetected this season and go check out all of Dead Down Wind’s scent control products in the GoWild store!

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