Hunting Product Guru Podcast Interviews GoWild Co-Founder

Hunting Product Guru Podcast Interviews GoWild Co-Founder
December 5, 2017

Hunting Product Guru podcast


When I first met Justin, I was impressed with his dedication. He's a father, husband, and has a full-time job, and on top of that he's fully committed to growing the Hunting Product Guru brand. That story connected with me—I know what it takes to do that. To even further our parallels, Justin is a graphic designer and I'm a copywriter/photographer, so we're even similar in our creative skill sets. 

We've been talking over the last six months in our journeys to build our brands. I've been a listener of the Hunting Product Guru podcast from day one, and as I've told Justin many times, I really enjoy his show. He moves past talking deer calls and hunting tactics—he gets into people's stories. He interviewed me recently and definitely dug deep into my story. It gets pretty personal for both of us. But that's what I've really enjoyed about his show and I'm really happy with where our convo in my interview went.  

We talk anti-hunters (shocker, I know), the technology behind the GoWild™ platform, family time, and much much more. I hope you enjoy it and follow Justin's story.  

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