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How to Experience New Wild Lands with Ease

How to Experience New Wild Lands with Ease
February 20, 2020

How to Experience New Wild Lands with Ease

Outdoor enthusiasts come to know their woods and waters like the back of their hand and are always looking for new ways to explore. The question is though -- how do you discover new adventures?

Polaris, Inc. has a new program for those looking to do just that: Polaris Adventures. This network of ride and drive experiences has more than 125 adventure Outfitters across the country and, with an online booking service, makes it easy to find great outdoor trips and plan activities affordably. That means whether you are in search of golden aspen leaves, fresh meadows of untouched powder, wildflowers lining mountain peaks or sandy shorelines bathed in the summer sun, Polaris Adventures has an experience for all seasons.

Where to Go?
With a quick search on the Polaris Adventures website, you can open up dozens of options near you (or nowhere near you, if that’s what you want). The program uses only verified Outfitters who ensure you have the time of your life. If you’re not sure where you want to go, you can search by vehicle type (ATV, UTV, Slingshot, etc.), type of adventure, time of year, and so on. It’s a robust travel search with only certified Outfitters truly built with the outdoorsmen in mind.

What to Do?
Many of the Polaris Adventures Outfitters have multiple excursions, and many regions have multiple Outfitters in one area. You could plan several activities through Polaris Adventures, while adding in some trips of your own in between. The Outfitters will have recommendations for the self-guided trips, removing all pressure to plan. One Slingshot adventure, for example, offers the chance to see tarpon firsthand, snorkel, bridge jump and skydive!

Consider exploring Alaska’s crown jewel, Denali, next summer from behind the steering wheel of a Polaris Slingshot, an open-air three-wheeled roadster, or zipping through a white winter wonderland in West Yellowstone from the saddle of a snowmobile.

The Rocky Mountains also offer some incredible trips, with more than 20 experiences available in Colorado alone. Such trips range from cruising the Million Dollar Highway outside Silverton, Colo. where abandoned mines line the road, to snowmobiling throughout Steamboat Springs’ backcountry among the tall timbered forest.

If your dream adventure is more warm weather than mountain chill, check out the Polaris Adventures Outfitter in Borrego Springs, Cali. where the family can race across sand dunes in a Polaris Ranger or ATV. Or there is always the geological miracle that is Zion National Park in southwest Utah where you can travel the paths of pioneers and turn heads in a three-wheeled Slingshot.

How to Travel Cost Effectively?
Polaris Adventures was built to serve those who want a no-strings-attached experience. For as little as $100, you can have an excursion with Polaris Adventures. Even for a half day of exploring ghost towns in Colorado on a Polaris RZR, you’ll only be set back $299. You can even spend an entire day in the backcountry of Steamboat Springs on a Polaris RMK or Switchback for just $350.

Polaris Adventures Helps You Explore in New Ways
The best memories are made outdoors, and Polaris Adventures is a great resource to create some unexpected, easy and affordable memories to share on your GoWild™ account.

Visit Polaris Adventures!

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