Hot 25: GoWild's Top 25 Fishing Products in 2020

October 23, 2020




GoWild™ Releases the Hot 25, a List of Fishing Products Trending Atop Millions of Searches

Anglers want the best gear that’s proven and leads to tight lines. GoWild, the social media platform for outdoor enthusiasts, is making that search a little easier with its new Hot 25. 

GoWild’s ecommerce feature, Gearbox, has more than 350K products available for social sharing, reviews and purchases. Across the millions of searches and impressions on the platform, GoWild has released the Hot 25, a list of the 25 most popular products anglers are putting to the test in 2020.

The average Gearbox user looks at more than 200+ products a month. Beyond searching, GoWild members share the rods, reels, lures and lines that helped them reel in new trophies. Anglers are even building out their exact setups on GoWild. All of this data from hundreds of thousands of anglers, millions of search impressions and a year of social shopping helped GoWild name the top 25 fishing products of the year with the Hot 25. 

Of hundreds of thousands of products, and in order of popularity, the winners are:


1) Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 5500 S Line Counter Reel

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 5500 S Line Counter Reel

Value-packed power and performance. The Ambassadeur® S Line Counter Reel gets the job done day after day with 2 stainless steel ball bearings that provide smooth operation.



2) Garmin fēnix 6

Garmin fenix 6

Really, the entire fēnix line trends on this list. The fēnix watches are incredibly tough, rugged, and yet stylish. With the durable Sapphire Crystal lens, this watch can take whatever beating you throw at it.



3) Frogg Toggs Men's Aransas Surf And Sand Wading Shoes

Frogg Toggs Men's Aransas Surf And Sand Wading Shoes

Some say they’re perfect for surf fishing. Protect your feet on the bank and in the water wearing Frogg Toggs Mens Aransas Surf and Sand Wading Shoes.



4) Abu Garcia Revo SX/Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris CarbonLite 2.0 Baitcast Rod and Reel Combo

Abu Garcia Revo SX/Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris CarbonLite 2.0 Baitcast Rod and Reel Combo

This combo pairs a popular low-profile baitcaster with one of the highest rated rods for the serious anglers arsenal, all at great savings. This is one of several appearances by Abu Garcia. 



5) Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris Signature Series Spinning Rod and Reel Combo

Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris Signature Series Spinning Rod and Reel Combo

Smooth and strong, the Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris Signature Series Spinning Combo is a great choice for your go to spinning rod and reel setup. 


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6) Abu Garcia Black Max 6ft 6in Spinning Combo

Abu Garcia Black Max 6ft 6in Spinning Combo

Proven value and reliability both come with this spinning combo. Featuring the Rocket Line Management System, the Black Max spinning combo family casts farther with less wind knots. 



7) YETI Tundra 125 Cooler

YETI Tundra 125 Cooler

This YETI cooler is engineered for one purpose: keeping ice frozen longer than the competition. Let it bake in the sun while keeping its contents cooler for longer. 



8) Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C3 Round Reel

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C3 Round Casting Reel

3 stainless steel ball bearings + 1 roller bearing provides smooth operation. Carbon Matrix drag system gives smooth drag performance. Compact bent handle and star provide a more ergonomic design.



9) GoPro Hero7 Black Camera Bundle


GoPro Hero7 Black Camera Bundle

This camera is award winning— Emmy award-winning, actually. Incredible high-resolution 4k video and high frame rate, the 1080p240 video enables stunning immersive footage of you and your fishing trips.



10) Temple Fork Outfitters Tenkara Fly Rod TF SH 116

Temple Fork Outfitters Tenkara Fly Rod TF SH 116

Temple Fork Outfitters Tenkara Telescoping Fly Rods promise the ultimate rod when for simplicity and presentation. They’re based on a traditional Japanese method of fishing using only a rod, line, and fly.


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11) YETI Rambler Tumbler

Keep your drink cooler longer. Blistering hot or severely cold days on the lake or sea call for an insulated tumbler that can keep cold drinks frosty and hot drinks steamy longer. 



12) Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod and Reel Combo

A classic combo makes the list. The Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod and Reel Combo delivers in all aspects of performance and offers one of the best values and toughest spinning combos on the market.  



13) Abu Garcia Revo SX Baitcast Reel

One of the most popular low-profile baitcasters in bass fishing, this Abu Garcia baitcaster reel enters its 4th generation with cutting-edge upgrades that deliver advanced performance for the serious angler.



14) GoWild Fat Bass Hat

GoWild’s own bass fishing hat surfaces as a popular item among anglers, allowing you to show off your passion with a hat that's as crazy about catching bass as you are. 



15) Gary Yamamoto Original Senko

Gary Yamamotos Original Senko started the soft-plastic stick-bait revolution. Loaded with salt to both add weight and flavor, the Senko has consistently been a top producer in the professional circuits. 



16) YUM Dinger

YUM Dinger provide slow, subtle action of a soft-plastic stick bait with a wormlike texture bass will hang on to. Get inactive fish to strike whether they’re feeding or not with the YUM Dinger.



17) Pflueger President Spinning Reel

With its 10-bearing system (PRESSP20X has seven bearings) and graphite body and rotor, the President combines smoothness with lightweight strength in equal measure. 



18) Ozark Trails Sexy Shad Crank Bait

This lure is the perfect addition to any angler's tackle box. This fishing lure attracts a range of predatory fish with its life-like baitfish shape, vibrant colors and natural diving, dipping and floating movements. 



19) 6th Sense Divine Swim Jig - Bluegill Magic

6th Sense’s popularity has exploded over the last few years, and this jig is consistent with the performance. It can be dragged, swam, stroked, or flipped and retrieved through tough bottoms with ease. 



20) Googan Squad Klutch Lipless Crankbait - Cash Craw

Googan baits have proven incredibly popular over the last few years, and are no surprise in this list. This lipless crankbait comes in a great red crawfish pattern and it makes a lot of noise. 



21) Rapala Freshwater Rattlin' Rapala

Watch the swimming action at slow to very fast retrieve rates you'll be amazed with this Rapala. This extra-loud shallow-running crankbait is equipped with 2 full-size treble hooks for sure hookups.


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22) Plano A-Series 2.0 Tackle Backpack

This backpack includes five 3600 tackle storage stows, and lets you be mobile for your backcountry or bank fishing. Padded shoulder straps and back cushion. Internal divider separates Stowaways and gear. 



23) Shakespeare Crusader Spinning Combo 6 Foot 6 Inch Rod

Shakespeare has proven to stay relevant once again. Quality components and high end features make the Shakespeare Crusader among the best value in the market.



24) Simms Men's G3 Guide Tactical Wading Jacket 

Your problems might all fade away when your line hits the water, but the storm around you will keep raging. Shield yourself like a pro with the Simms Mens G3 Guide Tactical Wading Jacket.



25) Stren Original Monofilament Fishing Line

There's nothing like an original. An IGFA world record 573bs blue marlin was no match for Stren Original Monofilament Fishing line, one of fishing's most popular monofilament lines, so it’s no surprise it’s here.


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