Hear GoWild Co-Founders Discuss Working with Garmin, GoWild 3.0

Hear GoWild Co-Founders Discuss Working with Garmin, GoWild 3.0
January 16, 2019

Hunting and Fishing App

GoWild™ Co-Founder Chris Gleim joins his business partner and fellow co-founder, Brad Luttrell, on the latest Restless Native podcast. 

This show has never-before-heard backstories, strategy and future plans for GoWild. The GoWild team just launched its biggest product update in the history of the company. On a drive to Kansas to meet with Garmin to present this product, Chris and Brad talk through a lot of things, including their friendship, the product, Brad's accent, hunting motives, food acquisition, the future of GoWild and much more. 

“That’s what’s so exciting. Now, GoWild is legitimately a tool for telling your story and sharing information and awesome content. We can’t even dream of all the things they’re going to post.”

— Chris Gleim, Co-Founder of GoWild

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