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GoWild, the ultimate hunting and fishing app

GoWild, the ultimate hunting and fishing app
June 7, 2017

Welcome, outdoorsmen and women. Things are about to change. 

There are millions of hunters and anglers in the US, yet no one has developed a platform that caters to them. And we don't just mean catering by target audience—we mean full functionality. This passionate audience deserves an app that's built to suit. It deserves one that not only helps tell your story, but one that will help shape it. 

That's GoWild. 

GoWild™ Hunting App

I believe in conservation, harvesting my own food, respecting the land, and passing down knowledge to the next generation.

These beliefs are old as mankind, yet as hunting and fishing gear has evolved, how people tell their story hasn’t caught up. Hunters can now monitor their hunting spot 24/7 with trail cameras that sync to their smartphones. They can manage their land with drones. Fishermen use underwater cameras to capture their excursions, and have electronic fishing lures that look so realistic, they’d fool the human eye (and of course, the fish’s eye, too). But in all of this technical revolution, no one has created a digital home for these tech-savvy users to engage and share.  

If you have a social media profile on any platform, you’ve probably seen a “troll” in action. Sportsmen and women fall victim to this online bullying every day, receiving nasty messages and even death threats when they post about their passion (I know first hand because I've received many myself). This kind of behavior dampens the outdoorsman’s desire to share and limits our ability to contribute to and advance conservation efforts.

GoWild's Fishing and Hunting App Features

Together with three other outdoors enthusiasts, I set out to build an app that I would want to use myself. We’re crafting a community where outdoorsmen and women can engage, interact and learn. A community where information and conversation can flow freely, and free of judgment. GoWild will bring conservation into the 21st century. We have patent-pending technology that will spark interest to new hunters. Veterans will enjoy being able to hone their skills by searching through our clever content structure.

This is a platform that's focused on advancing the hunting and fishing lifestyle, and we're doing it in a way that's welcoming to all. GoWild will be a community that not only accepts women hunters (the fastest-growing part of the market), but empowers them in a space that’s traditionally been a boys’ club.

If this sounds good to you, sign up for our emails. Don't worry. We don't spam. They're just to keep you in the know and let you know about key updates in the app's development. 

It's been a fun ride so far, but the real work is just getting started. One thing is for sure, though. 

A wild journey awaits. 

- Brad Luttrell
Co-Founder, CEO

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