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GoWild Rewards: Share the App, Earn Gear

GoWild Rewards: Share the App, Earn Gear
June 4, 2019
You love the outdoors.

You love GoWild.

And you probably love free swag.

We like that about you, so we created GoWild Rewards. 

This new sharing system allows GoWild™ community members to earn free gear for every active member they recruit to the GoWild platform. 

We made this very, very simple: Get 1 friend to join GoWild, earn a custom sticker. Get 5 friends, you just unlocked a sticker pack. If 20 of your buddies join up, welp, you just earned a GoWild hat. The rewards keep going, with possibilities of earning tactical bags, exclusive mystery apparel and Cabela's gift cards. 

To keep it interesting, the rewards will be ever changing. This week it's shirts and hats, next week it could be custom tokens, barware, or Gift Cards from GoWild's partners. The swag will revolve, and will sometimes be items available in our store, and sometimes will be completely exclusive, never-sold-before merchandise. 

How to Share 

1) Open your GoWild profile and tap "Share Profile"

2) Tap "Get Started Now" and choose how you would like to share your link

3) Send to your friends the link with a compelling message like, "Hey, I know you love the outdoors as much as I do. I think you'd like this app. Join me!"

4) Sit back and wait! Your rewards will be sent to you via email as you earn them. 

How to Rack Up Points

When you hit share, GoWild will create your profile link. You can use this just like you would any other social media link. When you send it to someone, it will send them to a web browser if they don't have GoWild on their phone, or if they do, it will open your profile on the app. 

List your share link on your other social media accounts, in the footers of your YouTube videos, and in your Facebook groups. The more people you earn, the more swag you get! 

What Counts as a New Member?

When you share your link, we count how many people turn into real accounts. Sorry, Charlie, fake accounts won't work, we're smarter than that.   

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