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GoWild partners with Rugged Relay Trail Race

GoWild partners with Rugged Relay Trail Race
August 13, 2017

Rugged Relay Trail Race

GoWild™ is more than a hunting and fishing app. It's for people who love the outdoors. Because we know that hunters aren't only hunters—they go to the gym, cook, run, hike, camp and much more. Hunters and anglers are after more than a trophy or wild game meat—they're after an experience you can't get from indoors, a grocery store or a streamed TV show. 

That's why we're proud to announce a partnership with the Rugged Relay Trail Race. The Rugged Relay supports the development of the small town ofLeitchfield in Kentucky. Rugged Relay Co-Founder, Jim Winn, was looking for ways to increase the quality of life for current residents, and bring non-residents to the community.

Jim Winn, Co-Founder of the Rugged Relay

Jim Winn, Co-Founder of the Rugged Relay Trail Race, training in Leitchfield, Ky. 

"Our initial focus is to establish a series of running, biking and ultra-distance athletic events in Grayson County," Winn said. "We're creating an ecosystem of events that utilize the area and bring non-residents in to complete will help to both create a culture of physical activity in the community. We want to establish Grayson County as a destination for competitive distance events."

The Rugged Relay Trail Race has a three mile and a six mile race, then a four hour competition for teams and individuals where the most laps win. Participants can sign up at the race's website

Participants will have multiple chances to win GoWild Yetis, shirts and decals. To learn more about these opportunities, follow Rugged Relay on Facebook

Jim and GoWild are partnering on several more future giveaways within the app. Stay tuned for more. 

Rugged Relay trail race partners with hunting app


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