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  • GoWild Partners with ReelCamo Girl to Support Women Outdoors Enthusiasts

GoWild Partners with ReelCamo Girl to Support Women Outdoors Enthusiasts

GoWild Partners with ReelCamo Girl  to Support Women Outdoors Enthusiasts
March 29, 2018

ReelCamo Girl joins hunting app


The GoWild™ hunting, fishing and outdoors app is proud to announce a partnership with ReelCamo Girl, an organization dedicated to empowering sportswomen. Together, the two hope to provide a positive platform for women hunters to engage, interact and learn.

ReelCamo Girl’s mission is to champion women and showcase them as providers and teachers of ethical hunting and fishing. The group’s Founder, Lauren Hill, was in search of a way to help the group communicate, share photos and network.

“My parents encouraged me to experience the outdoors and taught me that I could do anything,” said Hill. "But not everyone gets that kind of support."

“ReelCamo Girl provides mentorship for new hunters and anglers, and allows veteran sportswomen to share their knowledge. GoWild brings all of this into one platform.”

While other social media networks are censoring hunting content and allowing ongoing harassment of hunters, GoWild encourages outdoorsmen and women to share their real, unfiltered stories.

“Our platform is built for authentic content,” said Luttrell. “It’s not about picking the very best photo that you think is going to get the most likes. Showing these polished pictures is not doing hunting or hunters any favors because you’re hiding the challenges within the narrative. ReelCamo Girl saw the value in our approach to social media, and we saw a group of people who we believe is empowering more people to get outdoors.

The GoWild app now features a ReelCamo Girl Trail, which is a forum for ReelCamo Girl members. This allows them to ask each other questions, post photos and share their stories together. GoWild will be adding more functionality throughout the year to the app, as well as this ReelCamo Girl Trail. This gives the group a solitary platform to engage, and one that supports what they do.

“GoWild and ReelCamo Girl are a match-made in heaven, with respect to this partnership,” said ReelCamo Girl member and GoWild user, Gabriella Hoffman. “Both are engaging target demographics—women, Millennials, Generation Z—that are needed to keep the sportsmen’s traditions alive for future generations to come.”

Learn more about ReelCamo Girl.

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