GoWild Now Has Video

GoWild Now Has Video
June 29, 2019

Open your GoWild™ app and find the GoWild profile to see the first video ever posted... From our very own, Squatch. 

"When will GoWild have video?"

This question has been asked many times, and as of today, it has been answered:

GoWild has video as of today! 

As of today, members can upload high resolution videos to their GoWild accounts. Videos can be up to 2 minutes long. 

The first video ever logged on GoWild was from none other than GoWild Cofounder Zack Grimes, who has become affectionately known by the community as "The Squatch." 

To see the first video, visit GoWild's profile with your GoWild app

Share your videos now! 

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