GoWild Launches New Get Lost Line of Products

GoWild Launches New Get Lost Line of Products
September 14, 2018

New Products Hitting the Store Now

To kick off the return of fall, GoWild™ is launching a new line of products called "Get Lost." 

This first is a Get Lost Squatch Hooded Sweatshirt, which pays homage to the one and only Big Foot. This mythical man has been reinvented for a design that showcases the part of the woods we all already love. Squatch was never hiding in the woods. He is the woods. This is a one-time, limited-run hoodie. 

The second product launched today is the Get Lost Field Notebook. Handmade, perfect-bound and hand-stamped, they're ready to document your pack list, hunting notes or journaling. The paper is 100% tree free, meaning it was made with agricultural byproducts such as leftover stalks. Each notebook includes 50 blank sheets (no lines), 20 pound weight. The covers are 110 pound cardstock kraft. 

Throughout this fall, we'll have a continuation of this theme, promoting the idea of wandering in the wild and losing the everyday distractions.

Just remember—Don't actually get lost. That'd be bad.

Grab Yours Now 

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