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Hot 25: GoWild's Top 25 Hunting Products in 2020

October 23, 2020




GoWild™ Releases the Hot 25, a List of Hunting Products Trending Atop Millions of Searches

Hunters want the best gear that’s field tested. GoWild, the social media platform for outdoor enthusiasts, is making that search a little easier with its new Hot 25. 

GoWild’s ecommerce feature, Gearbox, has more than 350K products available for social sharing, reviews and purchases. Across the millions of searches and impressions on the platform, GoWild has released the Hot 25, a list of the 25 most popular products hunters are putting to the test in 2020.

The average Gearbox user looks at more than 200+ products a month. Beyond searching, GoWild members share the gear that helped them earn new trophies, and can even build out their exact gear setups. All of this data from hundreds of thousands of hunters, millions of search impressions and a year of social shopping helped GoWild name the top 25 hunting products of the year with the Hot 25. 

Of hundreds of thousands of products, and in order of popularity, the winners are:


1) Vortex Ranger 1300 Rangefinder

The Vortex Ranger is in the perfect sweet spot between simplicity and budget, and high performance. The rangefinder is ideal for gun hunters, target shooters and bowhunters. 


2) Under Armour Tanger Waterproof Boots

Under Armour Men's Tanger Waterproof Hunting Shoe

Lightweight and durable synthetic leather, the Under Armour Tanger boots are proven to perform. The UA Storm waterproof membrane repels water without sacrificing breathability. 


3) Moultrie 7000i Cellular Game Camera

Moultrie 7000i

This camera combines the quality and reliability of Moultrie game cameras with its revolutionary Moultrie Mobile technology to deliver images from your game camera directly to your pocket. 


4) Tink's #69 Doe-In-Rut Deer Attractant

Tink's #69 Doe-In-Rut Deer Attractant

A true classic for whitetail hunters. The quality-controlled formula keeps the lure at its peak level of performance. Tinks #69 delivers during the pre-rut and peak rut. 


5) Primos Revolver Deer Grunt Call

Primos Revolver Deer Grunt Call

Primos says this call is perfect for fooling the buck of a lifetime a real possibility. The Revolver Grunt call delivers pitch-perfect fawn and doe bleats, and all variations of grunts for more effective deer hunting. 


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6) First Lite Sanctuary Bibs

First Lite Sanctuary Bibs

The cutting edge bibs are built for late season hunts, when the wind cranks up and the temperature drops down. These are the primary component to the Sanctuary system, built for extreme cold weather.


7) Garmin GPSMAP 64st Handheld Navigation Unit

Garmin GPSMAP 64st Handheld Navigation Unit

Sleek and rugged, the Garmin GPSMAP 64st is the next level of high-performance handheld GPS devices. Packing a wealth of Garmins best features, this GPS delivers increased reception. 



8) Premium Turkey - 3rd Degree with HEAVYWEIGHT TSS 12 Gauge 

Premium Turkey - 3rd Degree with HEAVYWEIGHT TSS 12 Gauge

These aren’t your conventional loads: Federal Premium Turkey 3rd Degree® uses a three-stage payload to deliver larger, more forgiving patterns at close range, while providing deadly penetration at long distance.


9) Vortex Diamondback HD Binoculars

Vortex Diamondback HD Binoculars

These ergonomically designed binoculars are comfortable to hold for extended periods of glassing. Durable, lightweight, and backed by the popular Vortex warranty, they’re a solid purchase. 



10) Dead Down Wind Evolve 3D+ Field Spray

Dead Down Wind Evolve 3D+ Field Spray

This field spray eliminates a broad spectrum of odors with an advanced enzyme technology. Evolve 3D+ is built for hunters who want to get close, regardless of the wind. 


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11) Remington 783 Bolt-Action Rifle with Scope

Highly functional, accurate, and reliable, this bolt-action rifle’s become a popular choice for shooters at a very affordable price. The 783 model comes with a 39x32mm scope.


12) Winchester Long Beard XR Turkey 12 Gauge Ammo

Forty yards has long been the standard by which all turkey loads were measured—before Winchester’s Longbeard XRs. This ammo offers an extremely tight pattern and long shot capability.


13) Savage Arms Savage Axis 2 XP w/ Accutrigger 6.5 Creedmore

The redesigned AXIS II XP offers better out-of-the-box performance at the same price. In addition to improved ergonomics, the rifle is loaded with features that deliver tack-driving accuracy on every shot.


14) Muck Men's Wetland Rubber Boots

The WetlandField boots are 16 tall with breathable Airmesh linings and stretch-fit tops that snug the boots to your calf. They have seamless easy-to-clean overlays, and added toe and achilles protection.


15) Delta Waterfowl Gear Water-Shield Backpack

This pack lets you drop your pack down in swampy mud or standing water without thinking twice about it. This combined with a host of other features make it a clear winner for the modern water fowl hunter.


16) Cabela's Northern Flight Deluxe Neoprene Shell Belt

Reinforced loops securely hold up to 25, 3-1/2 shotgun shells in the Northern Flight Deluxe Neoprene Shell Belt. A quick-release buckle makes strapping on the 2-in. belt a cinch in any weather. 


17) SPYPOINT LINK-MICRO Cellular Game Camera

Extremely compact, the LINK-MICRO makes it easy to hide from wild game and hunters alike. The LINK-MICRO allows you take, retrieve, and view photos 24 hours a day wirelessly, on your smartphone. 


18) Remington 870 SPS Super Mag ShurShot Turkey Pump-Action Shotgun

The Remington 870 is one of the most trusted firearms. The 870 SPS Super Mag ShurShot is super-tuned specifically for turkey hunting. The Super Mag is built to handle heavy turkey loads.


19) First Lite Obsidian Merino Pants

Silent, odor resistant, and comfortable from 100 degrees into late season, the Obsidian merino pant works well in many scenarios. 


20) RedHead Gobbler Seat

Elevate your rear from the elements and sit in comfort as you wait for that gobbler to approach with the RedHead Gobbler Seat. Get your butt off the ground and put it in gear chasing those turkeys. 


21) Northwoods Bear Products Spray Scents Bear Attractant

This is a potent Bear Attractant that brings bear in from afar, and keeps them calm at the bait site. A variety of aroma sets find what the bear in your area really like. Adjustable nozzle available. 


22) TRUGLO Storm Bow Sight

Giving bowhunters incredible performance at an attractive price, the TRUGLO Storm Bow Sight makes sighting in fast and easy. Featuring CNC-machined aluminum construction, this is a lightweight sight. 


23) LaCrosse Men's AlphaBurly Pro Hunting Boots

This boot keeps feet comfortable and hunters focused on the hunt. Handcrafted rubber-over-neoprene construction provides warm, scent suppressing, waterproof protection.


24) Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Field Point Bag Archery Target

This bag is designed to take your best shot, thousands of times and still stand strong. Morrell promises easy arrow removal and transport. Targets are made in the USA. 


25) Garmin Xero™ A1i Bow Sight

Know the range, and shoot the exact pin with minimal movement. It’s the first bow-mounted digital laser range finder and targeting display system that measures the angle-compensated distance to the target.


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