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  • Giveaway and Q&A: Maverick Baumer with Hunt Perfect

Giveaway and Q&A: Maverick Baumer with Hunt Perfect

Giveaway and Q&A: Maverick Baumer with Hunt Perfect
February 4, 2018

HuntPerfect trail cam app


If you run trail cameras, you've got your frequent flyers, midnight partiers, and elusive hit listers. Just when you think you've got a buck figured out, he tricks you. 

Hunt Perfect is a software that's designed to help you better understand your game. You can quickly and easily manage your trail camera pictures, with unlimited camera tracking and image uploads. The platform captures weather data for your photos to tell you great details about the type of weather your buck prefers, so you can efficiently pattern your hit list.

When we met Maverick, the founder, his story felt similar to ours—a hunter who was passionate about his lifestyle, but also about technology. In just the four or five months since we've been chatting with Maverick, his platform has evolved to encompass more features and updates. We've even used the platform ourselves, helping track bear movement in prep for Kentucky's fall season. 

We're giving away two year-long subscriptions to Maverick's product. You can enter in the Giveaways Trail on GoWild!

Users can also get a 3 month trial with code "gowild" when they sign up

Learn more about the product in our Q&A with Maverick below. 


GoWild: Alright, Maverick. You and I have been chatting off and on over the last year, so I’m glad we were finally able to make this happen. I’ve tried your product out myself, and in just this short amount of time, I’ve seen you make leaps and bounds. Hunt Perfect is clearly your baby. So please tell the news—what is this and why would people want it?

Maverick: Hunt Perfect is a trail camera photo management website (app coming soon) that captures weather details from your trail camera pictures. Hunt Perfect gives insight into a hunter's trail camera photos that they never had before. It takes all the manually sorting through hundreds, or for some, even thousands of pictures out of the equation. Once your photos are uploaded to HP it does all the work for you, giving you the most common habits of your hit list from things like most active times of day to most active wind direction, moon phase, etc..

GoWild: Now, the “why” of this product is pretty cool. Because you’re a lot like me and my story with GoWild—you aren’t some industry veteran who has 12 major brands and a camera crew behind you. You’re just a hunter who saw a problem. Heck, you’re a software developer, right? So, what gave you the crazy idea you could pull this off? Why’d you make Hunt Perfect?

Maverick: That’s correct! I worked at an app development company for years as a software developer and saw how others were changing businesses and people’s personal life daily with the use of technology, I really looked up to these people. I created Hunt Perfect after years of beating my head against the wall from not seeing deer on what appeared to be “perfect” weather conditions on paper. I wanted to create an affordable option so that everyone could use the functionality of software like this. When I did some research on the market I learned quickly that there was nothing for the “average” hunter. I wanted Hunt Perfect to make sense to the guy running 1-10 cameras, don’t get me wrong we have people out there running 30-50 cameras but most of our customers are in the 1-20 range right now. Compared to the price of equivalent competitors plan with unlimited cameras, hit listers and photo uploads, hunters could literally buy a brand new gun every single year with the savings.

Hunt Perfect

GoWild: What’s the biggest challenge that your product solves for hunters?

Maverick: The biggest challenge Hunt Perfect solves is providing quality hunts over quantity. There’s plenty of hunting apps out there that give general predictions about deer movements but none of those paint the picture of when the deer you specifically hunt commonly move. Hunt Perfect really helps you dial in the deer you’re hunting to specific times and conditions so that you are in the stand when it matters most.

GoWild: Have you had a good amount of feedback? What’s been the response so far?

Maverick: The feedback on everything has been great so far. People are loving the simplicity and ease of use of the web app. They also really love the price since it’s so affordable at the $19.99 a year price point, we have had many users convert over from the competition! I’ve had hunters call me and say that they literally had to move half the stands on their farms because they figured out all their shooters move under a certain wind direction that most of their stands were not right for. There have been others that have had whiteboards and notebooks where they were manually looking up weather conditions and writing them down trying to figure out the patterns of a specific buck. It’s crazy what people learn when they know the true information and data from their pictures!

GoWild: And this isn’t just deer, right. I know I tried it out with bears. What else can you help track?

Maverick: That’s right we actually have some guys out west that are using it to pattern the movements of Elk and Mule Deer. I never envisioned it going that route but it’s been a powerful tool for them. I have had several people that are patterning turkeys too. One of my partners from MI is even trying to lock down some coyotes that he’s having issues with on his property. The great thing about it is it actually works with all pictures if you are driving down the road and see a buck out in the field you can snap a picture with your phone and get all the same information!

GoWild: Tell me more about Maverick. What’s your background? Why are you so passionate about hunting?

Maverick: I started hunting when I was 14 after watching my uncle and going with him a few times. In high school, I went out whenever I could but was so busy with sports and school activities I didn’t get the chance very often. Once I got in college and had more free time I became absolutely obsessed with chasing whitetails. I love everything about it from putting in food plots, running trail cameras, and early seasons scouting. I think for me it’s the chase and all that build up/preparation that goes into making a solid hunt come together. I don’t think people understand sometimes how much of a challenge it is to take a deer (doe or buck), especially with a bow. The past couple years I’ve had the opportunity to take some buddies and sit with them and to me watching someone else harvest an animal it just as much fun and excitement as doing it yourself.

GoWild: When you and I sit down in five years to lift a glass and say, “Cheers to GoWild™ and Hunt Perfect’s success,” what does that look like for you? Or in other words, what’s the end goal here?

Maverick: The end goal of Hunt Perfect is create more than just software.  It’s to create a brand that provides hunters with quality products and services that make the perfect hunt at an affordable price. I want Hunt Perfect's products to be a fit for the hunter who is just starting out and the hunter who’s been doing it for 25 years.

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