GoWild for Business

March 23, 2019

Hunters, anglers, hikers, campers and other outdoors enthusiasts come together nationwide to generate $887 billion economic impact every year. Hunt-fish alone makes up $156 billion of this, with the average hunter spending $2,800 annually (anglers aren't far behind with $1,000). 

While brands know the power of this space, it's a tough audience to reach with mainstream digital platforms. Major social media outlets are banning and censoring content from this audience, and banning advertisements from outdoor brands, especially if they involve firearms, knives, bows, accessories for these products, or general hunting. 

Enter GoWild

GoWild™ is the fastest growing social media and activity tracking platform for outdoors enthusiasts. We're not only allowing open dialogue around hunting, fishing and the outdoors, we're catering our functionality to this lifestyle we love, and investing back into conservation and our future with partnerships with National Wild Turkey Federation and Raise Em Outdoors.

Putting the GoWild network to work for your brand. 


On other platforms, it takes a digital media buyer to really understand how to build a successful campaign. Working with GoWild is easy—you'll speak with a real person, we'll ask you for your goals, recommend tactics to get there, and we'll even handle the design and copy for your advertisements. Our active audience is excited about the brands we bring to the table, unlike other saturated platforms where ads are a nuisance. 

GoWild has the unique ability to put your brand in front of your direct audience without intrusive tactics or questionable privacy tactics. Within the GoWild platform, all content is public, and community members interact based on the subjects they're interested in. This allows us to easily help your brand connect with the right potential customers. That's not only better for you, it's better for our community. 

Services Offered

Digital Advertising

We have a multitude of digital media opportunities available. GoWild serves unique experiential advertisements such as Activity Tracking, Giveaways, Sweepstakes and Customer Relationship Management Systems, as well as more traditional digital offerings, such as Native Advertising, Display and targeted Email Blasts. Learn more about our Digital Media Offerings.


At our core is a team of storytellers. 


Data Approach

  • To know where you are going, you have to know where you are today… for us that means data, and lots of it.
  • We begin every relationship the same, with the numbers. This allows us to establish a baseline of engagement, reach, and conversion for your brand, your market segment, and your industry
  • Our methods of data collection and market review allow us to target growth opportunities and acquire key creative insight
  • We believe to be successful in marketing you have to be a lot more than just creative

Creative Approach

  • Our goal is goal is to be better today then we were yesterday. In the creative field that means growing in methods, technologies, process and communication. Put simply, telling better stories. We carry this standard through all phases of the creative process.

Client Services

  • Brand Development
  • Development and Creation of digital assets
  • Creation and Management of Brand Engagement Events
  • Development of Ambassador Programs
  • Long and Short Term Engagement and Marketing Strategies


"We were so impressed with GoWild's creative work with its own brand and podcast that we approached them about doing our design work for our 2019 merchandise. The GoWild team went beyond a t-shirt design, and delivered a branding 

wanted a professional touch for this branding project, and 

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