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  • GoWild Expands Activity Tracking with Apple Watch & Android Watch Support

GoWild Expands Activity Tracking with Apple Watch & Android Watch Support

GoWild Expands Activity Tracking with Apple Watch  & Android Watch Support
September 29, 2020

In addition to its robust Garmin integration, GoWild has added activity tracking support for Apple Watches, Google Wear OS Watches and an expansive list of other devices. 

With the integration, members can track and share their outdoor adventures on a dynamic timeline, highlighting information such as mileage, average heart rate, elevation changes, temperature and much more. Activities are shared on an anonymized map, hiding the actual location of the activity and limiting zoom so member’s secret spots are kept that way. 

“We don’t care about where you’re going, this is about your journey. Depending on a phone for mapping or activity tracking in the backcountry is a short-lived effort. By integrating with wearable devices, you can save your phone battery for emergencies, and focus on the adventure at hand without a device actually in your hand.”

- GoWild™ Cofounder, Chief Development Officer, Chris Gleim, who developed the Apple Watch integration, as well as GoWild’s previous Garmin apps and integrations. 

Activities can be shared via a GoWild post on your profile, which surfaces the member’s data on a dynamic, interactive timeline. If heart rate is captured by the device and activity tracked, members can feel the heart rate at any given moment through the phone’s haptic vibrations. 

How to Sync

1) GoWild members can share their activities by upgrading to GoWild 7.4 on their phone’s app. 

2) Once updated, tap the + button to post (at the bottom of the app’s screen). 

3) Tap "Import from Watch" and select Your Device

4) Give GoWild access to your activity

5) Select the activity you want to share and add a caption or photos! It’s easy. 


About GoWild 

GoWild is a social media platform for outdoor enthusiasts. GoWild has the most expansive collection of outdoor gear on the internet, with more than 350K products to date. Members can tag gear on trophies or activity logs, find reviews of products and find trending gear among other outdoorsmen and women.

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